Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Yesterdays runs were strange.
At lunchtime through in the DGP my 6.7 mile run saw me go through three types of weather system - rain, sleet and snow - all at the same time! On the plus side the leafy boulevards along the side of the majestic Clyde were void of their usual dole-scum types out for an alfresco Buckfast brunch. It also meant a lack of fair-weather runners and moon-walk training women. Leaving the paths fairly clear for me and a handful of other loonies who venture out regardless.
On the down side, my kit bag weighed a hell of a lot more on the homeward journey as it now contained one set of sodden kit and a pair of sodden shoes.

Obviously I had spare kit for my night time club run. But, quite frankly, I should have just put on the wet gear as it was that wet last night I was soaked to the skin after about half a mile anyway. It was horrible last night ... that sort of fine persistent drizzle that just penetrates anything and leaves you soaked to the very core till even your soul is left like an old discarded dish cloth!

I'm not a fair weather runner. I will go out in all weathers - doesn't mean I have to enjoy it though!

Today's lunchtime run couldn't have been any different though. The sun was out (hands up those that remember the sun). There was very little wind... dare to hope that Spring is nearly here?
Anyway. The better weather encouraged me a bit, so it was on with the trail shoes before heading off into them-thar-hills. An eleven and a bit mile hike, up and round by the wind farm, through the access road they put in through the woods that brings you out just above Crichness then back home via Elmscleugh. Great fun. Great fun - except for the bit of road near the top of the large descent to Elmscleugh. Just where the farmer has an access to his field. The field with his massive pile of manure. The pile of manure that "leaks" and flows everywhere and forms a one inch deep puddle right over the road for about twenty metres... lovely!!

Turning into quite a high mileage week this week.

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