Sunday, 20 February 2011


Runners SHOULD see this..
A group of us from the club went down to White Sands yesterday for a last scout round the proposed route of next weeks XC race.
A bit on the flat side compared to some of the other routes in the series - but still a few wee "niggly bits".
Starts on the beach before going over the old lime kilns, round the lighthouse, back onto beach and along a bit before finally heading back through the muddy coastal paths. Just over 4 miles.

Runners SHOULDN'T see this

One obstacle that we saw that I definitely hope isn't there next weekend for the runners was a neat pile of "remains". Horrible looking stuff. Brian was of the opinion that it was probably left over from some fish... but I think I've read too many novels about serial killers - my mind was running riot! Looks like a small set of lungs to me.

Anyway. Because the scout round the route was a bit stop/start I didn't count it as part of my weekly mileage so just went out for a wee run when we got home (I was still pretty much warmed up anyway).

Then today it was off for another dosage of LSD.
Planned to do 16 and headed off down to Biel then off road for a bit through the Chicken Farm before heading home via West Barns and Eweford and the hideous climb up Starvation Brae.
Slightly miscalculated the route I was doing though ...desperately waiting on my GPS to "beep" for the 16th time before I got to the door, but ended up having to run past the house and up the hill at the back for a wee bit just to push myself up the 16 mile mark.

Interested to see that the old political "chestnut" of British Summertime V's GMT has reared its head YET again. With those in favour citing that longer evenings will mean, among other things, an "increase in sport". PISH.
Wheteher you muck about with the clocks or not theres still only a set number of daylight hours in any given day - if you don't want to miss any of it - get out your feckin' bed an hour earlier.
I still remember as a kid going to school in the late 60's and very early 70's in pitch black and having to walk down the road with a torch (the last time they mucked about with the clocks). It was dark till the back of nine some mornings. Awful.
Anyway. It's not the lack of light that puts people off taking part in sport in this country at this time of year ... it's the lack of heat. And there's bugger all the government can do about that.

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