Tuesday, 22 February 2011



They do seem to like their public “art” through in the DGP.

It’s right up there among their favourite things – alongside early mortality, obesity, illiteracy and sickness benefit.

Did my usual route today and had a bit of bother getting past the “gawpers” as the path goes along by the “Upper Harbour” district of the majestic Clyde. Took me a wee while to figure out what the gawpers were in fact gawping at.

I can only assume it’s more of that there “installation art”. Between two of the bridges (the A77 bridge and a pedestrian suspension bridge) someone has suspended a large, thick, white ribbon.

It’s from the centre of one bridge and drops to just touch the water before rising again and joining up with the centre of the other bridge. It sort of cuts a couple of hundred metre section of the Clyde in two (along its length). It looks too well done to be a prank, and it’s certainly not the type of ribbon that some wee chav’s just found by lying about and decided to hang off a bridge.

Could a charity “statement”. What does it mean? Who’s it by? How long will it last?

Couldn’t give a stuff to be honest. As long as the gawpers keep out my road. Also. If you really must dip anything in the Clyde probably best not make it white!

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BDD said...

Dip anything in the Clyde and it'll probably drop off....