Wednesday, 9 February 2011


For the first time in about three weeks I took it fairly steady last night (certainly steadier than the last two weeks). Don't want to get into the habit of making Tuesday club runs "easy" for myself, but at the same time there is probably little to be gained from flat out race pace every week! Plus I did two races at the weekend and the legs needed a rest.
However, the "flip" side is that today I felt better on my Wednesday run than I have for a while. Managed 11 miles (I say "managed" - could have went further, but even when working at home there are SOME time restraints). Pleased too as I finally got round to testing out my new shoes. I'd opted for Brooks Ravenna this time (rather than the Brooks Adrenalin). Two main reasons: "a" I like Brooks and still needed a stability shoe and, more importantly, "b" unlike the adrenalin I managed to track down a pair of Ravenna for half price in a  sale!!
Getting a good shoe is important - but getting a bargain is infinitely more so!
Probably not really able to tell after one 11 mile run, but they seem to be fine. Comfortable, provide the stability to my "left-legged-gangliness" and provided a welcome "bounce" that's been missing from my road runs for a few weeks now!

I'm off to a gig on Friday. The Brian Kellock Trio. Scotland's premier jazz trio led by Scotland's finest spud-faced piano player. It's supposed to be the launch of their new CD. Oh yes indeed. The last one was so successful it's only taken them 10 years to bring another one out!!
"Yes". The money I saved on shoes I can squander on new musc.
But then today I find out from Mr Brown that it isn't a "launch" anymore... apparently, they were going to release it on a small independent label (Thick Skinned). BUT some of the major labels have shown an interest and they are in negotiation. That would be the same major labels who keep our high street shops so well stocked with jazz would it?? Christ! His last album was the bloody jazz album of the year. The "major" labels have had pleanty time to track him down and chap on his door if they were that bloody interested.  Probably be another 10 years before the recording sees the light of day.

An album launch without the album?? Probably be a good gig, but a bit feckin' daft all the same!

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