Wednesday, 2 February 2011


My Wednesday lunchtime runs are turning into a bit of a nightmare.
Last weeks run was crap due to "shagged-legs-syndrome" brought about by excessive speed on the Tuesday.
Today the legs were feeling a bit the same to be honest after yet another two-run-Tuesday that culminated in an eyeballs-out run last night.
So, I'd already decided... "nice and easy, old son. Nice and easy".
Well today, sadly the howling gale of a wind had other ideas, and it ended up neither nice or easy! What it most certainly was is slow... bloody slow. I never realised until today that my GPS actually had an "are you actually moving?" alarm message on it!

But even in the face of such bleak conditions we can still benefit in some way. For example I had an important lesson reinforced.......
Running head first into a howling gale? Turn head ... then spit. Glasses needed a wash anyway.

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