Monday, 28 February 2011



Sadly, we do not live in an ideal world (if we did then we wouldn’t have the “music” of Sting or Phil Collins to name but two).

Another thing that would be “ideal” in an ideal world is the banning of people who do not actually take part in sport from having an opinion on it. Obviously that in itself may be a bit harsh and I wouldn’t dream of denying Douglas Badder the right to comment on the 400m hurdles for example or remove from David Blunkett the chance to talk about last nights snooker on the telly. But I would ban non running parents who take their kids along to races – with the sole intention of fulfilling their own petty desires and aspirations veraciously through their kids. What a pain in the arse! The parents who run themselves and want to get the kids into it? No problem, they know the score. The ones who think that simply bunging the kid into the 4x4 and driving them to an event makes them Brendan Foster? Shoot them all.

“He needs to know the route (every bloody inch of it mind – not just the rough outline)”. “Should he wear spikes or studs”. “I can see your busy...but Im going to ignore that anyway what time did he get?” “I know your up to your eyes in work. But did she win anything”. FECK OFF the lot of you.

Rant over.



Helped the club organise a leg of the cross country yesterday. Mostly went OK and the weather was definitely on our side. I started the junior race then scuttled off to Hallhill to start the results while the senior race was getting underway..

Didn’t get much of a chance to have a natter with folks when they got back, which is always a shame. Though I did get the chance for a brief word with one or two – including Ray who I chatted about jazz with for a wee while.

Sadly, due to lack of space, I was again left in the position where I had to sit in the main hall doing the results while everyone else got to mingle and, more importantly, eat cakes (though I did manage to blag a bit of coffee and walnut cake earlier).

One problem that I did face, sitting in the hall, was a lack of sockets for my computer and printer. So I had to compromise …. I plugged the computer in, but every time I needed the printer I had to unplug one of the soup kettles to free up a socket. So, if you were at the prize giving and didn’t think the soup was quite as hot as it should be, you now know who to blame!! There were two soup kettles, so I don’t know what type of soup was involved.

Managed to squeeze in a quick 5 mile run of my own when I got home, before I finished the results. Didn’t really mind only doing a short run yesterday as I’d done some LSD on Saturday – a nice undulating 16 mile circuit that took in Crowhill and Oldhamstocks (one of my “stock” training routes).

Going to try and take it a bit easier this week. Got my number for the Lasswade 10 this coming Sunday, so I want to try and keep the legs fresh for that.



Bit of a problem in the old stately pile. The airing cupboard in the “guest room” in the “west wing” has been visited by a mouse. Not problematic as such – you live in the country….you get mice. Fact. However, when the cupboard is used to store [many, many] shoes…. suede shoes….oh dear.

And “no”, none of the shoes were mine. My shoes don’t get stored. They just get left where I kick them off.

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Billy said...

Banning Brendan Foster from commenting about running would be a better idea.He's the biggest tool on the box.