Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Two runs yesterday.
One at lunchtime. Through in the DGP. Work has been a bit hectic and fraught as of late, so I used my run as an opportunity to exorcise my demons through exercise and took in 6.7 miles at a brisk 6:35 pace. Quite enjoyed it and felt a bit calmer and more at ease with the world on my return.
The last night was club night, and it ended up as an "eyeballs-out-on-stalks-and-heart-competing-with-lungs-for-room-in-the-rib-cage" pace, 6.4 miles. Enjoyed it.

Anyway. Net result? What should have been today's steady 10 miler turned into a "in-the-name-of-christ-shoot-me-now" 8 mile plod. To be honest I felt OK for the first three mile or so, but by the time I came to the turn off for the small loop that takes the 8 mile circuit to 10 I just thought "feck-this" and kept on the short road. I don't like doing that.
Though in a twisted sort of way, it's useful to have a run like that every now and then. You go through wee patches where your running well, and the temptation is just to keep on and on, but down that road injury through over training lies. Need a wee reality check every now and then

As an aside.. I may have mentioned that my run in the DGP takes me past the tradesmen's entrance of the High Court and I often see the prison wagon in dropping off and picking up...
The one day I'm not there....
"Three in a bed"? No problem where he's off to....

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