Sunday, 30 January 2011


I had planned to do about 17 or 18 miles today. And I did.
Just not in the one go.

I'd planned on going out with Ian S and doing a 16 miler in the Pentlands. Then events overtook my plans. The club is hosting the fourth and final leg of the Borders XC in four weeks time. We had planned to host it at John Muir country park and had the route all sorted.
Then last week I got a phone call to say that the cooncil could no longer accommodate us (they were double booked) and we would have to find an alternative!
Panic ensued...
Anyway. After a couple of discussions with the council it's now been relocated to White Sands and Barns Ness beaches.
So today. I ran the 7 miles from our bit to Barns Ness at a nice steady pace. Then stopped my watch.
I immediately re-started my watch and jogged around the proposed route looking for alternatives/problems/dangers/wet bit to take the runners through etc. Now, this "jog" will end up longer than the final route the runners will take, because a few times I wandered off in one direction, only to change my mind and have to retrace my steps and go another way. It was also very stop/start, but all in all it was quite an enjoyable trip.
Then I stopped my watch. Re-started it and ran the 6 miles home at a steady pace again. And I know it was shorter home, but that's because I went another way.

What I need to know is.. "do three runs, two steady and one jog, equate to one long run"?
Probably not, and I'm not sure how to record this in my log either.
And I've got XC both days next weekend. I'll get one bloody long run in yet.

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