Saturday, 22 January 2011


Did my LSD today. Normally I'd do it on a Sunday, but tomorrow sees my dance card already marked off for the second leg of the Borders XC. So "needs must" and all that, I ended up going out for a long un' today.
Maybe about 13.5 miles. But nice and hilly so I was out there "working" for about 1:35.
I'll try to do a 16 miler next week. The main thing is the weekly mileage is now up to about 55. A bit down on what it was this time last year, but maybe that's no bad thing.
I really do need to get new shoes. Given the fact that I got this pair before the Loch Ness mara' I think they've long passed their useful lifespan.
The state of the post thaw, muddy, salty, country roads has not been kind to them either.

Anyway. Briefly and elsewhere...
Never been a big fan of science fiction literature. Except the "classic" stuff like HG wells.
But I read a book this week by the authour Stuart MacBride - "Halfhead".

MacBride is  best known for his Logan MacRae crime thrillers set in Aberdeen, but this is an earlier work of his. I enjoyed the MacRae books I've read so far so thought I'd give this a punt.
It's basically a crime thriller about a serial killer, set in a "not-too-distant-future", lawless, Glasgow populated by a mixture of semi-lobotomised menials and a large, feral, drug addled, unemployed, riot prone, under-class, crammed together in high rise slums..

There is a lot of humour in his Logan MacRae books (albeit very dark). While there are a few spots of humour here they are few and far between and come as welcome relief from the bombardment of gore laden murder scenes.
Entertaining enough, but I hope he keeps it as a one off.

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