Saturday, 1 January 2011


Two days, two races!
Last night was the club's "Black Bun Run", a one and a half mile dash through the streets from Dunbar to West Barns and back.
This was always going to be a bit of a test for the old knee. When we got down to the start and saw that Andrew Crichton was already there and warming up I thought "oh well. There goes any dream of winning - pressures off."
As it was the knee held up pretty well and even although it's slightly slower than I've been for a few years I was fairly chuffed with my time of 8:30.
Then this morning it was off to Portobello for the Prom Race. Another there and back route - a nice flat two miles along the prom from the cat and dog home, out towards Joppa, a sharp u-turn round a marshall and back. A popular race this. It's always interesting to see all the new kit that's on display!
The wind was picking up slightly and the last mile or so was a wee bit slower than I would have liked.
Again a wee bit slower than last year, but probably round about the same position in the field - so not too bad.
This time though the knee felt a bit tight at the end, so I think I'll take things a bit easy for a couple of days. Just pleased to be out there with a number on. What with one thing or another it's been two whole months since I've raced

Got home and took the tree down - that's it Christmas is over. Still off work for a bit but I'm slipping into "normal" holiday mode rather than "festive" holiday mode (pretty much the same thing to be honest - but maybe slightly less chocolate).
Can't be arsed with "New Year". It's all pretty much a case of "new calender - same old shit" to be honest.

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