Friday, 7 January 2011



Interval training last night. First time in eight weeks or so. Felt tough and a wee bit slower than I would have liked, but still felt good to be back out there. No structured or premeasured intervals as such, but a session to try and break us back into the year gently – run round the track as fast as you can, like a nutter, for 5 minutes…. a whistle gets blown…..and you have to turn and try to cover exactly the same distance in the same time.

Bit of a fright yesterday. Went to enter the Edinburgh Marathon, only to discover that it was “full” and entries were closed! Luckily the “good for age” entries were still open so I managed to get in that way – one of the few benefits of aging J

Anyway. That’s the next “big” event to aim for. Before then there’s loads of smaller races to look forward to. Paxton House leg of the cross country this Sunday (weather permitting).

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