Wednesday, 5 January 2011


And so it ends.
That's the holidays over (well as good as..) Bugger.
Decided to finish the holidays off today with a 12.5 mile run. Strange. But when it was all icy and snowy it was absolutely Baltic, but the cold didn't bother me too much. It was the type of crisp, clear, cold that seems to get the blood pumping.
But, now that there's a bit of a thaw and it's that damp, dank, grey, windy type of weather that Scotland excels at in January, it feels much, much worse.
Weird. It's technically not as cold but it just seems to go right through you and get into your bones.
Maybe I'm getting old??

Anyway. I've not had as high a mileage as I've had over previous festive holidays, but I have managed to do a fair bit of (shorter) runs. And thoroughly enjoyed it. The old knee seems to be holding out and has been downgraded again from "niggle" to "twinge". I need to look at some of the online sales ... it may be natures way of telling me that new shoes are in order.

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