Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Life on planet recovery is going well.
Knee feeling kinda better every day. I'm "using" swimming as part of my recovery plan/fattness damage limitation strategy.

These guys went pantless
for your freedom
 I've "discovered" Victoria Swimming Pool in Leith is open at 6 am. So with a bit of a mad dash I can get in there do a few lengths and then still get back to the office in a reasonable time.

I've been trying to "be clever". By that I mean go prepared ... have the old trunks on under the normal gear. Get in pay.. whip off the toggs and away I go. Reception desk to pool in about three minutes.
As plans go it's not too bad....
Until ... today. Did my wee routine (36 lengths)... showered... got my gear out of the locker....
And then realised I hadn't packed a pair of pants to change into !!!

Just have to go commando at work till the trunks can dry out on the radiator. Then I'll change into them.

I't like the start of some truly awful work related nightmare.
It's also a bit bloody cauld to be out and about "sans pants".

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