Tuesday, 7 December 2010



Enjoying running in the snow. Especially at night with a head torch. However, I’m going to try and wear my road shoes for a wee bit, rather than trails. My knee is still “iffy” and I think I could do with that wee bit extra support and cushioning.

Sadly though it’s not all fun and games in the snow. That’s the second leg of the Borders Cross Country series cancelled. Well, I say “cancelled” it’s actually postponed as there is talk of rescheduling it, and the first race, perhaps in March (bit late for my liking – thoughts are turning to road races by then).

And it’s not only running that’s getting affected by this weather. Oh no. For about ten days now we’ve not seen a postie up our way. Looks like we might have to make a trip to the sorting office to collect our post ourselves. Especially as Anne is due a delivery of contact lenses or some such nonsense while I’m waiting on a deliver of a much more important Julian Joseph CD. Optical health is neither here nor there, but the feeding of a jazz habit must go on!!

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