Thursday, 9 December 2010



Does Bad Weather + so called “austerity” + massive hikes in electricity bills all add up to a much more tasteful Scotland?

Don’t know if it’s just me. Admittedly all my runs of late have been rural rather than urban and we haven’t been “out” that often (or journeys this week have been limited from home to work and back). BUT there does seem to be, thankfully, a lot fewer houses infested with tasteless bling this Christmas. And long may it continue.

Of course it may simply be that the bad weather has put Christmas “on hold” for a few weeks for some people. This weekends promised thaw might see them emerge, after hauling their fat butts off the sofa, from the warm brain-melting glow of x-factor or some such crap, and out of their nests of “slankets”, empty crisp bags and sweetie wrappers, to once more festoon their house in electronic crap and put strain on the national grid and their neighbours patience.



“Live and let live” – that’s my motto J

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