Sunday, 19 December 2010


Oh F.F.S.
This snowy weather is a real bugger when it comes to trying to organise any athletics events. That's the third round of the Borders XC series in a row cancelled.
We were just about set to leave the house when info came through from the organising club. Well done to Moorfoot for trying, and I think the final decision to cancel was the right one. Travel to the event, and travel back for that matter, may have been a bit difficult.
I had no intention of running anyway (knee still iffy), but I was going down to watch/take photos/shout abuse etc. Then I was supposed to collect the results for processing etc.

Who knows? By the time we can actually have a XC race my knee might be fully recovered! Or perhaps, the way this winter is panning out, the whole series will be decided on the outcome of a single race hastily reorganised some time in May!!

Sadly, the snow also means I can't really get out on old [T]rusty either. Opportunities for swimming and visits to the gym are going to be curtailed this week as well, for various other reasons, so not much at all in the line of exercise!
Normally this wouldn't bother me, but Anne appears to be gripped by some demonic baking frenzy at the moment and the house is full of various cakes, sponges, bowls of melted chocolate and biscuits etc!! Aaarrgghhh.

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