Monday, 27 December 2010


Well. Hope everyone had a good Christmas.
Looks like Santa has brought us all a bit of a belated Christmas gift - a bit of a thaw! Not before time.
I like the snow as much as anyone, but enough is enough. With a bit of luck some of the cross country races early in the new year might actually go ahead!

Anyway, three days into my holidays now and its time to "wind down" the eating a wee bit and try to get into shape. Christmas day and Boxing day is a bit of a two day food fest. Very enjoyable for a wee while, but I couldn't go on like that!

The old knee is still not 100% but its good enough to get out for a couple of "easy" runs - with my new Garmin that Santa brought! Don't intend to do too much while I'm off - just enough to keep ticking over. And while I would like to do the race at Portobello on New Years day I'll wait a bit before I make my mind up. I was out for about 8 miles earlier today and it was the first time in ages that I've been able to run on clear, snow/slush/ice free roads.

Anyway Christmas also saw me come into possession of a "shit-load" of new jazz records (11 new albums) so much time will be taken up between now and the unhappy return to work just getting into them. But remember, please, if Santa brought you any jazz this year - "jazz is a way of life ... it's not just for Christmas".

Just away to start ploughing my way through my new Charlie Haden box set......

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