Saturday, 27 November 2010


What a "shit-load" looks like.

Awoke this morning a happy man. A man enjoying the first morning of a week off work. Oh yes. Life is good.

Then I looked out the window. "F.F.S"....
It would appear that like a hell of a lot of the country we've finally had "proper" snow. Not just a light dusting like the other day, but a "shit load" as it's know in meteorological circles.
Anyhoo. Can't let a wee bit snow spoil my holiday. Had a leisurely breakfast and enjoyed another episode of Northern Exposure from my DVD selection - somehow this show really fits the bill during the winter!
A bit later, out paper arrived. Always a good sign - the thought process being, "if the van delivering the paper can get in - we can get out"!
So, out we went to Dunbar to drop stuff off at the recycling place - then headed off to Knowes Farm shop for the weekly fruit and veg. The A1 was damn near deserted. But it was at least moving.
While we were out, getting the veg the sky was darkening all the while and the snow was coming down heavier and heavier. We were keen to get back.
As it was, other than one little point on an uphill section, where I had to get the shovel out and dig a little in front of the wheels so that the car could get a grip we got back OK.

Then. As any right minded person would do... we went a run. Up the back into the hills! Great fun.
Not a run for pace or getting the old heart rate up this one. In fact truth be told even using a stopwatch was a bit pointless.
Just an excuse to get out and play in the snow for a bit.
The only problem was it was so dark and the snow was coming down so fast, a couple of times we missed the track or the road all together and ended up running off into the ditch at the side of the road.
Out for just under an hour.

It's very strange, it's only late November, but what with the weather and being on holiday I'm almost getting into Christmas holiday mode... get up, go a run, then spend the rest of the day slobbed out reading, catching up on some jazz and watching crap TV. And why not?

Sadly, it's not all fun and games. The first leg of the Borders XC series due to be held at Gala' tomorrow has been postponed. I'm not surprised to be honest, but I'm still disappointed.

Ah well. I'll just try to get out for a bit of a long un' in the hills.

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