Friday, 19 November 2010


Jazz of the decidedly “smooth” variety has it’s place and time – but not here and now.
Occasions often demand that the jazz should “swing” (often coupled with times when the band should be “big”) – again though, not here and now.

Some prefer their jazz “free”. I’m happy enough with “cheap”.
However, after a troubled week like mine it can only be-bop. A weekend of Bird, Diz and Monk awaits.
Troubled thoughts of sore knees, broken garmins and blown up gas fires (oh yes indeedy…but that’s another story) have all contributed to a week without apparent end. Working for a bunch of servants of the uncivil variety hasn't helped much.
But end it most thankfully has and the end is here and “Now’s The Time” - let the dissonant harmonies of Bird’s soaring song bring order and peace. Let the angular twists of Monk’s melodies straighten out my twisted thoughts.."Well You Needn't", but yes he does.  And let Dizzy’s effervescence bring sparkle to the end of a gloomy lacklustre week.
It may not be everyone’s beverage of choice but it’s just my cup of java.


Yak Hunter said...

Get better soon. I have a forerunner 305 lying around that you'd be welcome to long-term borrow. Its battery got less and less reliable which is why I upgraded so its a bit annoying...but it does work.
We're off to the East District XC today to see how we fare. Peter has a shin injury going on and I twisted my ankle on Thursday - so we're a bit crocked.

Stuart said...


Thanks for the generous offer.
I've already had notification that if I can hold off till Christmas a new Garmin may be on the cards!
I think I'll get by till then, though I'm starting to think it's a zimmer frame I need rather than a running aid.
Hope to see you at Gala next Sunday.