Wednesday, 10 November 2010


I look like a fool.
But at least I look like a fool ...on medical advice.

While talking to the tinnitus specialist the other day I was advised that if I really, really must listen to music on an mp3 player (and yes...I must), then I was best to do it with "open" style headphones.
Apparently, the in ear type that I have favoured are manufactured by the devil himself.
So it was a wee trip to the shops for me to get kitted out......
Technically I'm quite happy with them the sound quality is good.
On the "con" side however they do not cancel out as much "ambient background noise" as the in ear type do. They still allow quite a lot of seepage of noise. Noise, the type of which can equally be described as "the banter" or "incessant weegie shite" (depending on whether one resides on the east or west side of the Falkirk meridian -that invisible divided twixt the DGP and civilisation).
Ner the less. If they are to help my lug then I will just have to put up with it.
However. I have been confronted by a "fashion dilema" (yes. there is a first for everything). Namely, when wearing headphones and a wooly hat? Does one wear the headphones under or over the hat?

Earphones: by Sennheiser
Hat: by "George" at ASDA
Scowl: model's own.


BDD said...

I dunno.

The first one to me says Jay-Kay (as in that prat Jamiroqui).

the second simply says Jakey.

I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Stuart said...

There's an idea. Two looks for the price of one.
I could adopt the Jay Kay look when I'm with all the ultra cool and urbane folk in downtown Leith's swingin' Kirkgate region.
And then transform into the Jakey look to blend in with hip youngsters in the DGP.
A stylish urban chameleon :-)

Yak Hunter said...

Both looks are good! You ARE a stylish urban chameleon.

Davie said...

Nah. If in DGP pull hat completely over the phones, keep scowl and possibly avoid a muggin'.