Sunday, 7 November 2010


Beautiful running weather again this weekend - though it is getting a tad chilly (quite a bit of ice and frost about this morning).
Decided today to try and get in a bit of a long un'. Just to try and keep the old mileage up.
But for whatever reason I just didn't enjoy it. Started off with freezing cold hands, then within a couple of miles realised that a long sleeve top and a tee shirt was probably too much and I was getting too hot!
I felt slow and sluggish all the way round. Just couldn't seem to settle into a decent pace or rhythm at all! And every time I time I tried to pick up the pace I seemed to be rewarded by my GPS "beeping" another mile at me telling me I had actually slowed down! It was like one of those dreams you have where the faster you try to run towards something the further away it gets!
Felt quite despondent when I got back.
Until.. I looked at my log. Turns out it was more or less what it always is for that particular run.
Strange how your perception of a run can affect things though. Not really that keyed up on the old sports psychology malarkey, but I think once you get a negative thought stuck in there it just doesn't budge.

Perhaps I need something to aim for. Other than the cross country I've not really got anything lined up.
Time to check out the fixture lists.

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