Sunday, 28 November 2010


Oh deary me. If I thought we had a lot of snow yesterday I was in for one hell of a surprise this morning.
It came as no surprise at all that we got no paper this morning. Must be over a foot of snow out there - more where it's been drifting.... and it has been drifting.
Oh well. If I wasn't going down to Gala for the cross country I was still determined to get out for a run. So, regardless of the cold, the wind, the dark threatening skies and the threat of more snow, I decided to don a couple of extra layers, my trail shoes (for a more aggressive sole) and head on out....
Decided though today not to try the hills, but just stick to the roads. A good run, though obviously a bit slower than I'd expect. I'll maybe try for a bit of a hill run tomorrow.

Fundamentalist? Perhaps. Mental? Yes.

At one point the snow was belting into my face from the left had side, and I ended up having to run along with my hat pulled low and my buff pulled up - I looked like some lunatic "running fundamentalist".
Not too far from Woodhall I passed an abandoned car. I had expected to see that right enough.
The roads were very, very quiet though. At one point I did get a four wheel drive coming steadily up behind me. I jumped into the side of the road to let him past. Ended up jumping up onto the verge at the side of the road - where the snow had drifted and ended up up to my dangly bits in snow! Then a couple of minutes later I had to repeat the process of jumping out of the way to allow the snowplough past who was coming towards me. I don't mind this to be honest - after all they're working and I'm just out playing.
Couple of minutes later... there's the four wheel drive, stuck at the side of the road. With the driver out with a shovel digging the snow out from under the wheels, complaining that the plough had "forced him off the road and then wouldn't stop to help him out"!
I stopped to see if there was anything I could do, but to be honest a 9 1/2 stone runner trying to push a 4X4 out of a snow drift was never going to be a winner was it? Luckily a minute or so later a farmer came past on a tractor and offered to help tow the guy back onto the road. I just ran on at this point.
The tractor must have got him out because he passed me a little later.
Ended up being quite a slow run and was a bit "stop/start", but at least it's something to put in the training log.

Supposed to be going down to York on Tuesday for a couple of days. Hmmm... we'll see about that.

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