Monday, 22 November 2010



Strange thing, post-fall. My left knee is sore when walking – but ok to run on. Weird. Don’t know what the fall did to it – maybe just a bit of internal bruising?

Anyway. Despite the generally appalling weather I managed a couple of half decent runs over the weekend. So my pitifully low moral of the end of last week was raised from “pitiful” to it’s default setting of  “feck-me I cannae go on like this”.

On Saturday I went out with Ian “S” for just over 16 miles on a hilly route that took in Crowhill, Cocklaw and Oldhamstocks. We managed round in a steady 7min/mile pace or so.

Then yesterday it was a shorter 11 mile run. Strange for me to do the longer of my two weekend runs on the Saturday but, I suppose, a change is as good as a rest. Quite a fast pace yesterday, but I think it was driven more by a desire to get home and get out of the driving rain and hail than anything else.

Got back from my run and spent the rest of the day in front of the [non-exploding] fire reading and listening to the “lords music” (aka Jazz).

I had been full of good intentions to spend a bit of time going through all my running gear at the weekend and throwing some of it out. I’ve lost count of how many long sleeve tops and tee-shirts I’ve got. But I only ever seem to wear the same one or two all the time! I’ve a red long sleeve top that I’ve had for years now – but I can’t bring myself to get rid of it. It’s a form of “running log” for the nose – it carries the odour from every winter training run I’ve done for about the last seven years.

Even after a wash this thing could be classed as a WMD. I’ve had to stop brining it to work – not because it offends my co-workers, but because its presence in my bag is tainting my lunch!! Even rolls with peanut butter on smell like stilton!

I’m off work next week, so I might try to sort my stuff out then.


I’ve had advance notification from Santa that a replacement Garmin might be getting built for me, as we speak, up at the north pole. Good man. I’m just going to stick to tried and tested (and more importantly per-measured) training runs till then.

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