Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Beautiful day for a run again at lunchtime.
Clear as a bell, the wind had died down and it was biting cold. Wonderful stuff.
Anyway. Felt really good as I knocked out my usual 6.7 miles along by the mighty Clyde.
Picked it up at one point - when I was being chased by a big dog! I always live in the hope that with all mankind's scientific and technological advances that at some point in the not to distant future we may be able to develop some form of physical restraint to keep dogs "under the control" of their owners.
Until that far-off day I'll just have to run faster! While I took exception to the owners instructions to the dog to ... "leave 'it' Barney" I decided on this occasion to let it pass. It's a sort of rule of mine not to get into debates with men with tattoos on their faces.

We were out last night and stayed over night at my Mum's and she made up my lunchbox today. See if you can spot the difference:

"Normal" day: Roll (cheese): 1 off. Fruit (apple): 1 off.
Today: Roll (cheese): 1 off. Fruit (apple): 1 off. "Elevenses" (kitkat) 2 off. "Afters" (Mars Bar) 2 off.

Mind you, if I'd known I was going to meet "Barney" I might have taken one of the Mars Bar with me - dropped it to distract him while I got away.

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