Wednesday, 17 November 2010



It’s a funny old thing this running malarkey. When it’s going well – it’s great. You get on a nice wee roll. All is well with the world. PB’s are there for the taking.

And then? Well… it turns to crap.

And that is exactly what has happened – again.

To quote that great wordsmith of our time, Ms Britney Spears, “Woops I did it again”.

Not as spectacular, or quite as painful – physically, as my last wee run in with the tarmac. Twixt Granton and the office this time. Brought down when I failed to notice a bit of that plastic binding stuff that they use on boxes etc. (the really tough ribbon stuff).

Blooter. Hands, knees, chest, and thigh all skinned and road rashed. Helly Hansen top – now with added ventilation. And worst of all my beloved Garmin completely f***ed L L

Feeling a bit sore and stiff at the moment. Including, worryingly, my chest (the same side as before). With luck it’s just cuts, grazes and bruises this time.

Left knee is sore when walking, but again hope that might just be the knock I gave it and it will wear off.


Ray said...

So - you listen to non-jazz pop - ahha. Mind you I heard a jazz singer at the festival do a real good version of one of Britnsy's wee numbers.
By the way Stuart, the tarmac always wins. Speedy recovery.

BDD said...

it doesn't always win - go back and take a pneumatic drill to it. Revenge is always satisfying (for a bit).

Hope the damage ain't too bad - and the garmin just needs a dunt.

Stuart said...

Thanks folks.
Sadly the Garmin is "smashed" beyond repair.