Sunday, 17 October 2010


Oh sweet Jesus!!
The "war", or to be more accurate the "arms race" against our little visitor has escalated.
We got back from Fridays gig to the sight of more gnawed veg in the rack, so Saturday morning saw us off to see our local "arms dealer" in the little hardware shop in Dunbar.
We came home fully equipped with the latest technology.... An electric "gizzmo" that emanates not only ultra sonic "noise" to scare the little buggers half to death, but also gives out pulses of "electro magnetic what-not" to disorientate them.
Anne also spent ages on Saturday with peppermint essential oil dabbing it here and there, as that's supposed to give the little sods the heeby-jeebies.
As for the "humane" trap??? Well that now has bait that consists of home made chocolate cake and peanut butter! Hells teeth, I fancy that myself!
Did any of it work? Did it F........
Came down the morning to find another avocado, two carrots and another spud had been got at. Probably used the oil to sooth their little feet after spending the night dancing away under the groovy lights of the useless piece of electro-junk.
The war goes on!!
I've added poison to our arsenal (sod "humane" traps - I'd happily thump it with a lump hammer if I saw it!!), and Anne spent ages in the cupboard under the stairs, cramped up like a Chilean miner, armed with duct tape, tin foil and wire wool, trying to block of all possible entry points.
This war ain't over yet!

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