Friday, 8 October 2010


When I'm normally out a run in Edinburgh or the DGP it's usually not too bad. And by "bad" I mean busy.
The runs in Edinburgh are most often up by the Water of Leith etc and at a time when there are few people about. The run in the DGP is a bit busier with a couple of roads to cross, but once I'm in the park and onto the majestic Clyde walk way its not bad.

Tonight though I had a taste of what town and city dwellers must have to put up with.
I was getting the train home, so thought I'd have a wee sort of "duathlon" - run Leith to station -stand about a busy train - then another run from Dunbar to Woodhall.
Other than the legs still feeling heavy and tired after the weekend the second run was nice. Once over the A1 I never saw any cars or people at all. BUT the Leith to the Waverly part??
How can you run in those conditions?? Seriously? Its hellish. It must be impossible to get any sort of pace at all. And as for being able to run in a straight line. Forget it.

It just seemed, to me at least, to be wave upon wave of morons walking head down, oblivious to the world around them while they jab away at their "jab screen" phones - god help anyone who "gets in their way" because they ain't moving. On Carlton Road I actually saw one incident where a driver sounded his horn at a young bloke crossing the road, oblivious to the traffic, while he jab, jab, jabbed away. Nuts. The ironic thing was - the driver was on his phone as well..while driving and sounding the horn with the other.

Anyhoo... The run to the station did take me past a charity shop... Tony Coe & The Danish Radio Jazz Orchestra "Captain Coe's Famous Racearound". Managed to find a bit room in my bumbag for that !!
A lovely "clear" tone to the saxophone. Look forward to listening - perhaps with a nice Crema and a German Biscuit. A very civilised way to start the weekend!!

Also, when I got home there was a letter from the hospital with my appointment for the "picture of the inside of my head" (AKA an MRI scan). So - maybe get to the bottom of what's causing my bad lug and get me back on the road to enjoying "hiss-free" jazz again!!

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