Friday, 15 October 2010




It’s that time of year again. The harvest is in, and all the fields are getting ploughed up. So we end up “playing host” to one or more displaced refugees. Field mice!!

Started the other night. Anne heard “noises” down in the kitchen (I, on the other hand, heard nowt). The next morning brought the sight of a gnawed and nibbled avocado in the veg rack (no guacamole for me then) and three potatoes knocked from the rack and gnawed as well. And that’s what gets me. How, and why, are they getting into the rack, getting spuds out of the rack and rolling them over the floor before eating them??

Happened again last night. We were down at Kelso for a meeting and came home to find another potato had been lobbed from the rack and scoffed!!

So, it’s that now traditional autumnal game in the Hay house. Setting the trap for the mouse.

Anne favours the “get them quick and get them out of my kitchen” approach where as I see it as an opportunity to test various baits and traps and pit my wits against the wily little buggers.

First up, it’s a sort of fruity chew bar that came in my Loch Ness goody bag. One of those “green” and “natural” type things that’s supposed to “replicate” a good old fashioned chew sweetie, but misses out all the flavoursome “E” numbers and additives. It’s the type of “sweetie” that groovy and right on sorts give their kids for a “treat” – unaware that their kid probably throws it away and buys some sugary “e” ridden junk at the first opportunity. Anyway,  I’ll try this for a day or so. If that fails I’ll move on to a nice moist yogurt topped flapjack – they seem to have done the trick in the past.

Mind you given it’s diet this week a bit of potato might just work.

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