Friday, 29 October 2010


Stomach is still a bit “iffy” – has been all week. Luckily it hasn’t stopped me running and I haven’t had any more “Paula moments”.
But it has caused other strange side effects – it’s given me one of the worst cases of “dandruff” I have ever seen!
Yesterday, being in Leith, I decided to go for a “hard” 7.5 miles up the Water Of Leith, down towards Granton and back to the office. Now, going for a run at full pelt was, I knew, going to be a strain on the old stomach. Strangely the pessimism about my stomachs capabilities were coupled by a naive optimism about my abilities to find a “private spot” en-route should the need arise.
Anyway. Best go prepared. So before I set off for my run I went into the lavvy at work and took an ample supply of loo paper (just in case). Where to put it? Didn’t want to run along carrying it in my hand and the one and only pocket I had (in my shorts) was already full with my works pass and inhaler. Inspiration struck… “I’ll bung it under my running cap”!
Went for the run. The stomach held out. The old HRM read a steady 165 all the way round. Good run.. a good workout… a lot of sweat.
Got back to the desk and sat for ten minutes or so checking emails etc while I cooled down before I went of for my shower. Then I took my cap off….
Oh deary me. One of the basic properties of loo roll is that it breaks down when wet. One of the most basic things about sweat is … it’s wet……… be honest it was less like dandruff and more like leprosy of the scalp.
Thing about [very] short hair is that it acts like the jaggy half of Velcro for stuff like that. Took me ages to get it all out.

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