Sunday, 24 October 2010


Not a happy run today... And it all started last night .... in my dreams.
Don't want to go into too much detail about what goes on in my head. Just on the off chance there's any would-be Jung's or Freud's out there.
I had a strange dream where I was in a house with people I used to know and I was eating a rather revolting meal.. Anyway. Woke up feeling sick.
Now. Did the disgusting meal make me feel sick? Or, was my stomach already upset and my mind weaved it into the narrative so to speak.
Anyway. The feeling of queasiness did not pass (still there to be honest). Can't think that its too do with anything I've eaten. Though perhaps yesterdays 8 mile run in wind, rain and hail has given me a bit of a chill.
Whatever. I do know that I didn't enjoy my 13 mile run into the hills and woods quite as much as I should have.
It was a beautiful, though somewhat cold, day. Just the sort of day that I usually thrive on, but all the way round the contents of my stomach just kept bubbling away... horrible. Suffice to say my time was somewhat slower than I would have liked. But, just like the bears, the woods at least offered me a bit more privacy than poor Paula had a few years ago!!

Hope it doesn't happen again. Never want a dream about food again.

Well. Unless Kylie's cooking me a big bowl of pasta!!

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