Tuesday, 26 October 2010



A rare visit to my old office yesterday gave me the chance to go for what used to be my lunchtime run from the lovely “Cowcaddens” district, along by the tow path at the canal before turning just after the Lock gates at the beautiful residential area of Maryhill.

It’s been 18 months since I’ve done that run, so although it very quickly became “familiar” once more, it was still a nice change. Once I leave the office I have about two roads to cross and the M8 to go under, but within about half a mile the route is onto the canal path and traffic free (until the last half mile of the return journey obviously). Quite a few other runners out yesterday. In fact a few of them were familiar faces from when I used to pound this route twice a week or so.

I felt good all the way round and was pleased to see, upon my return, that the old HRM had remained well in my comfort zone, but I’d still managed to get round a bit quicker than I used to.

Realised that all my “work” or lunch time runs are a bit “samey”. Leith = Path up by the Water of Leith. DGP = Path along by the banks of the Majestic Clyde. “Old” DGP = Path along by the canal. There’s a sort of pathway/waterway theme that runs through them all.

I need a change….. wonder if there’s any nice farm roads or forest trails through in the DGP??

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