Thursday, 7 October 2010


Oh lordy, lordy, lordy.

Work is utter sheeite at the moment. Not in a "happy place" when I'm there - at all!!
Then on top of that my “good” PC is fooked at the moment (that’s a technical term). It’s been showing signs of “fooked-ness” for a while now, but decided to die the other day. Not really been in the right frame of mind for trying to fix it this last day or so, but I might give it a try at the weekend (a swift kick in the mother-board should do the trick).
Failing that??? Well a wee trip to PC World may be in order.
Luckily all my important stuff has been backed up (i.e. Jazz MP3s and Garmin data)…. Oh, Anne’s recipes have been backed up as well!.

Anything going right? Well. The running isn’t too bad. Still not got the old bounce back after Sunday’s efforts, but I think I’m getting there.
And then there’s the jazz. Praise the lord for jazz – I sometimes think it’s all that keeps me sane - (though I’m sure some would disagree)
Picked up a rather nice little offering on Monday by the Kit Downes Trio – “Golden”. Lovely stuff (it was a little reward to myself for my PB). It’s, to be honest, rather similar to a lot of other “modern” piano trios, in that the music is sparse and spatial – the pauses and silences are every bit as important as the notes. Not in the way that Monk’s pauses and silences worked though – they often accentuate the sharp angular nature of the music they punctuate like needles. With Downes the “whole” is more melodic and haunting. But where he differs from some of his contemporise is that while many of them seem to offer a modern take on bop, he seems to offer a modern take on some of the more “swinging” pianists.
I’d say there’s more of George Shearing here than Monk or Powell. That’s my take anyway.
Whatever, if you want to spend a very pleasant hour or so then listen to this. I would like to see him play live. Hope I get the chance soon.
The title “Golden” refers to “the way you feel when the sun shines on you”. Very apt for a nice clear Autumn day.

Fed up with work? Get yourself a copy of this!
Feeling stressed? Bung it on your MP3 player……. Oh…I can’t cause my PCs fooked….bugger…. I’m all stressed again!!!

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