Sunday, 10 October 2010


Had the choice of two 10k races today, and opted for the 10k trail run
down at Spittal, organised by Berwick Harriers.
Despite turning up for the East District Cross Country Relays
yesterday I ended up not running so I was keen to get back out there
and see how I got on (yesterday the club had five runners and four
numbers - I opted for the "day off").
Not too bad is the answer. It was a tough course that took in one of
the steep climbs that makes up part of Berwick's leg of the cross
country races. Although the route was described as "trail", perhaps
about 75% was on path or road so I probably would have been better off
with the road shoes on. The first (and last) mile was along the prom
and I was aware that the trail shoes, with little cushioning or
support, were bringing out my old "slappy-foot" syndrome.
Ian "S" was there too for his last fast run before his marathon next
week, so any earlier thoughts I might have had about "taking it easy
and just enjoying myself" went right out the window! If he was here to
race then so was I.
Everyone seemed to start very quickly and I wasn't sure I was going to
manage. In hindsight my "warm up" was woefully inadequate.
Anyway, managed for the first half, to hang on to the back of Ian and
we just seemed to slowly pick our way past folk till we were about 4th
and 5th on the road.
Then at about 7k I started to flag a bit - just at the time that Ian
seemed to pick it up. He passed a couple of others (ending up 2nd),
while I was passed by Peter "I-Can-Never-Remember-His-Surname" from
Came in 6th in 37:57 knackered but happy. Legs felt pretty much back
to normal and it's always good just to be out there.
A great course (though NOT if you are looking for a PB) and it would
be nice to see this become an annual event.

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