Sunday, 19 September 2010


Holiday weekend is pretty much going to plan.
Did a long run yesterday. Twenty one miles.... I had intended doing 23.
I got near the house at the end of the run and saw it was "only" going to be 21 and thought momentarily of adding a little bit on, but I was overcome by a great wash of ah...f**k-it-ness and just couldn't be bothered.
The run itself wasn't too bad and I felt as good as it's possible to feel when out on your own for that length of time... but my legs felt a bit heavy. And I think I know why.
On looking at my shoes after the run I noticed that the outer sole has completely worn away at the heel and I'm actually running on, and rapidly wearing out, the EVA midsoles! A new pair of shoes might be in order (checking my shoes a bit more often might be in order as well). Certainly need to get a new pair before Loch Ness.
To be fair, looking back at my log I've done about 740 miles since I got that pair.
Went out this morning for a short run and just wore  an "older", but unworn pair and felt much better.

Got back from my run today in time to watch Haile Gebrselassie start, dominate and win the Great North Run. Wonderful, inspiring stuff. How good it is that at least one truly great and inspiring man can find time to visit this country and lead by example. There's something almost spiritual about it!

Inspired as I am, and with a pair of shoes that don't hurt my legs, then I think I'll go out for about another 18 tomorrow.

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