Wednesday, 15 September 2010



My days are all mixed up this week. Due to Herr Oberfuhrer The Pope’s immanent Blitzkrieg on central Scotland tomorrow I’ve decided to swap my working at home day to Thursday.

The Dear Green Place will be plenty busy enough tomorrow without my unwilling arse getting dragged through there to swell the numbers. With the streets awash with black uniformed nuns and priests it’ll probably look like occupied Warsaw in 1939. Though to be fair, given how I feel about the DGP I don’t really see that as a bad thing.

Anyway. Working from home usually means a slightly longer run at lunchtime. But I might keep the distance down tomorrow. I’m still feeling the legs a bit “heavy” after Sunday’s half. Also, my attempts to keep the mileage up before Loch Ness saw me do about 17 mile yesterday - 6 and a bit at lunchtime then just over 10 at night with the club, and the club run was fairly fast and hilly. The result? Well, I felt quite slow when I was out today.

Planning on doing two long ones (including a 23 miler) over the long weekend. Then a “fairly” high week (70 miles?), the Norham 10k a week on Sunday and one week of taper (30-35).

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