Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Had a dental appointment today at lunchtime, so I decided that I would go my run at "daft o'clock", so that when I did finish working the rest of the day/evening was my own.
This meant going out at about 6:15 on a wet, dark, shitty, dark, rainy, dark, dreech morning.... Did I mention that it was dark?
Yes indeed, the old head torch came out of retirement this morning. I really only used it for the first part of the run through the woods, it was getting light enough by the time I got back. But it has now been put into permanent residence in my kit bag (along with my reflective bib).
I've had that torch for two years now and have never changed the batteries yet. So, I'm going to do it now. "Better to be safe" and all that.

To be honest, given that it's taper "week" I probably could have got by without a run at all, but I've decided that other than Saturday I'm going to go out every day - even if it's only four miles or so.
Taper is a terrible time for me. When I can't get running I get tetchy and irritable (or more so). When that happens I get in a bad mood (or more so), and when I get in a bad mood I buy jazz to cheer myself up. Bloody taper, costs me a packet.

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