Tuesday, 17 August 2010



Today’s workplace run was a gentle trot down to Portobello beach and back. Nothing too strenuous as;  “a” I’m at the club tonight and “b” I’m going to try and do the Caerfraemill to Gifford run tomorrow.

Anyway, other than the fact that the “art” has been removed from the beach it was a nice run. All was well with the world.

That and the happy fact that this is the second week in a  row that I haven’t been through in the D.G.P. resulted in what can best be described as a state of “contentment” settling over me (two weeks working in Edinburgh! No train journeys and no “selection ramp” at Queens Street – fantastic). Impending holidays might be adding to the feeling of well being as well to be honest.

Quite a strange feeling though, this brief oasis of joy in another wise miserable desert of existence. I know it may come as a surprise to some, but I’m usually one of life’s malcontents. I’m a “glass half empty” type of a bloke (could that be one of the reasons I gave up drinking? Remove the half empty glass and there’s one less thing to moan about! Could be – but it wasn’t).

Anyhow, the mood of good cheer found me post run belting out what I thought was a blinding rendition of “I Remember You” a la Chet Baker while in the shower. A rendition that, to my mind, captures the soft fragile quality of the young Chet’s voice quite well.

Now… It could be my imagination, or it could be my bad ear playing tricks on me, but I’m pretty sure that just as I was getting to the bit where “the angels ask me to recall…” I could hear a voice in the distance calling “shut the F*** up”!

Not very angelic language that! But it did remind me that the shower is located in a little walk in cupboard type area just off the corridor that runs through a vast open plan office.

I came out of the shower (after changing obviously) determined to face my critic – but the looks on the five or so faces that greeted me suggested it could have been any one of them.

That’s the last time I share my joy through the medium of song in the workplace (I might even go up or down a floor for my showers for the next few days).

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Anne said...

Yes, I can sympathise with your work colleagues........