Saturday, 7 August 2010


Been quite a busy week one way or another. Though I still seem to have found time to fit in a fair bit of training miles.
The rib is still giving me a bit of grief but improvement is there. Looking back at my training log all the miles have been at a slower pace and lower heart rate than previous - but perhaps that's no bad thing for a wee while.

Anyway. Wednesday saw the running of the North Berwick Law Race. A mental "eyes on stalks" lung busting dash from North Berwick harbour, through the town and park, up the Law, then for those brave enough, a mad dash back down the way you came. About 3 miles in all - but it feel like 6!!
Obviously, I wasn't taking part this year, but went along as a spectator.
It's a real community event this one and the runners get a cheer when they come back into the town that would probably not be out of place at the London Marathon - very enthusiastic crowds!
Went for a wee bit of a stroll with the old box-brownie before the race. Went down to the harbour and the shore to see if there was anything that I could take a snap of. Got a few of the boats etc, and the obligatory snap of the Bass Rock.
But as I was standing on the end of the harbour wall I noticed three swimmers walking down from the beach into the sea. Not your normal "I'll swim 50m out then back" types. These looked like serious swimmers with wet suits and what looked for all the world like webbed gloves!? Last I saw of them they appeared to be heading over to Fife (I'm sure they weren't).
Anyhow. Went, with Theresa, who was also spectating out to the park to try and get some pictures of the runners coming through the gate (I'll try and post them later). Quite a good place to spectate as most of the runners have to slow slightly to get through the narrow gate. Though I'm sure, given the amount of seagulls, Theresa would disagree (it's supposed to be "lucky"!).

My jazz of choice this week has been a bit "Trad". In fact in the history of British jazz it comes from the man who embodies "trad". Mr Acker Bilk! Yes he of the stupid waistcoats and the silly bowler.
An album he did back in 1968. And "yes" it does have his signature tune on it "Stranger On the Shore"!
Apparently when this album was first released it wasn't terribly well received and the "Trad" bubble had well and truly burst a few years earlier with audiences getting more attuned to bop and more modern sounds.
Mr Bilk, however, never really let that bother him and carved out a very nice wee career for himself churning out albums and playing gigs that as the Penguin Guide To Jazz puts it "appealed to the 'chicken-in-a-basket' set".
Anyway, other than a secret liking of the aforementioned "signature tune" it was the band "supporting" that really got me wired up for this CD. The Stan Tracey Big Brass!
Actually the CD is a composite of two original albums. "Blue Bilk" and Stan's own "We Love You Madly" his big band tribute to Duke Ellington.
Lovely stuff.

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