Sunday, 1 August 2010


The "thwaked" rib is still not 100%, but progress is being made.
I can now go out and run... though I'm still a long way off "running". If that makes sense.
I can probably train to about 80% of the effort of what I would normally do, but I cant see myself racing for a while.
I feel "discomfort" but not "pain" (well most of the time). I also think the strange way I run actually helps for once. I have a kind of exagerated "shoulders back, chest out" sort of style that would make Windsor Davis proud, and I think it holds the ribs "open" (some might argue that the shorts gives the overall effect a bit more of the "Don Estelle" look).

Anyway. I don't really have anything lined up, race wise, for a while now. Certainly this weeks North Berwick Law race and the upcoming Haddington Half have been scratched off my dance card.
Strange though that last night, after being out a 7 mile run during the day with no bother at all, I got a hell of a sharp pain just when I turned in bed! Just have to be careful.

Anyway. As I say, at least I'm out there doing something, and that helps me feel better psychologically at least.
Been enjoying this week the coverage of the European Championships on the BBC. It's never been "must see" telly, but if I am in, and it's on, I'll probably end up watching it (though usually with the sound off, subtitles on and jazz playing in the background). Saw Mo Farrah winning the 5k last night to get the double (10k and 5k) - fantastic stuff.

I've also been enjoying reading reports about the Tour of Fife.

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