Tuesday, 31 August 2010


It's a strange thing with injuries, niggles, pains and what-nots, their arrival is often sudden, and painful, but their departure is slow and protracted (and "yes" that includes the "Duke of Argylls").
Still not fully rid of Mr Sorerib, but feeling better than I've felt for weeks now.

While we were in Dorset the runs we did were many, but they were relatively sedate. Enough to keep the metabolism in the old "cake burning" zone, but not likely to put any strain on anything. Probably just what I needed.
A strange sign that the rib might be getting better is that I've stopped getting out of bed with a sore back. I've obviously been running in a strange{er} way to ease pressure on the offending rib, and that's been having a "knock on" effect on my back. At least, that's what I think.

So, with the recovery on track I've gone and done what any idiot would do - I've entered the Loch Ness marathon!! We've been thinking about it for a while. Anne hasn't done a marathon this year yet and wants to do at least one.
Obviously, I'm not starting training "from scratch" and I've done a couple of longish runs, but little since my wee "set to" with the pathway in the DGP has been of any real "quality".
So. Four weeks to get into marathon shape?
For one thing the two week taper is getting knocked on the head - I'll just try and get by with one!
Three weeks with high mileage and at least two long runs a week (and one speed session) and one week of about 50% the usual mileage. Going to try a long run this Thursday.
Race day preparations? Likely to be a light breakfast, followed by a flap-jack on the bus to the start line, followed by 2 paracetamol and 2 or 3  brufen half an hour before the start!

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