Sunday, 8 August 2010


Where are all the flies coming from this year?
Millions of the buggers. All shapes and sizes.
The other night I was out a wee run round John Muir and ran through a swarm of greenfly - at first I thought it was a shower of rain hitting my face. A bit confusing since it was a lovely blue sky at the time. Horrible.

Then today I was out over by Spott and down to the bridle path that run parallel to the A1. I was out for about 1 hour 40 and I think I was accompanied the entire run by a crack squadron of big bloody bluebottles who's sole aim in life was to fly in close formation to my head and see who could land in my ears!!
At first I thought the "white noise" in my ears had got really bad!
I've been buzzed by squadrons like this in the past and the only thing that seems to get rid of them is when you run into a slight headwind, sadly there wasn't one today. It also seemed to be that every few minutes a few more of these little blighters would join their chums so by the time I was half way round my run I had my own little black cloud following me.
I ran past fields of manky looking cows. You'd think that would be heaven for a bluebottle! Did they leave me alone to go and worry the coo? Did they f...
I even ran past a field that had a pile of manure in it. Surely they'd prefer that to me! No way... by this time I was really getting a complex. Perhaps its the hat?? I've not washed it for a few runs... maybe that's attracting them.
I took the hat off and held it away from me at arms length.... it just gave them the chance to get in my hair as well as my ears!
I decided that if there wasn't a head wind the next best thing might be to try and outpace them .... didn't work. Though it did result in me running a bit quicker and harder than I have for a few weeks so at least some good came of it. Could even be a new tactic - deliberately entice them to speed me along. Might add a dollop of jam to the top of my hat next time I race!!

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