Thursday, 19 August 2010



Did one of my favourite runs last night. Haddington and East Lothian Pacemakers annual Carfraemill to Gifford race (sorry run).

25, or so, runners boarded the bus in Gifford on a beautiful evening to be taken to the start line. Once we got off the bus, stretched the legs and offered up the traditional runners blessing to the local hedges and shrubs we were off..

The field split up fairly early on and, given the fact of my current “niggly rib”, I probably set off a wee bit too quick. Just before the start of the climb at Dodcleugh we had to duck under a one wire electric fence, and it was here that a sharp pain in the rib reminded me that I’m still not race fit.

To be honest though I felt that I was able to work fairly hard on the climb but one concession I made to my ribs was stopping at every gate to open it and go through rather than climb over and jump down. Though even that only cost me a few seconds.

For most of the first 4 miles or so I was at the front with Ian Sills (or to be honest I was near the front trying to keep up with Ian). However, he started to draw away and when I was passed by Ian Rowland and Brian Marshall I realised I was going to end up on my own.

Another concession to the rib was for me to take the downhill section even more gingerly than usual (which is usually “girly” at the best of times). This was in part due to fear of falling.

By the time we got to Long yester however and back onto tarmac roads I was able to open up a wee bit and even managed a sub 6 mile.

I keep saying this isn’t a race and the more I say it the more I try to race it! J However, one year I am determined just to go along for the fun and take a camera, because some of the views out over the East Lothian countryside and coast line from the top of the Three Law are really spectacular. Especially at that time of night (8ish) at this time of year – when the sun is starting to get low and the light just seems to wash over everything.

Managed to get round the 10.7 miles in 1:14:52 which was 40 seconds slower than last year – so all in all, I’m happy with that.

However, while we were having a post race meal in the Goblin Ha’ my ribs and back started to hurt quite badly – so perhaps I was being a bit adventurous (and perhaps the brufen and paracetamal were wearing off).

As for the meal.. Well it’s always nice to sit and blether with everyone after this type of event and I was certainly hungry after the run. I had pasta which I have to say was a work of art! Though, given that I suspect the “mushroom sauce” was actually condensed soup with some spinach added, then poured over the pasta I’m in agreement with Ian R, who stated that it was probably inspired by Andy Warhol.

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