Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Work is shit at the moment – it’s shittier than the shittiest contents of my shitty sceptic tank. That’s how shit it is.

I desperately want to get out and find something else (East Coast based).
But for once, that’s not all that’s bothering me at the moment. I’ve got a bit of a health or “well being” issue or call it what you will. In fact you can call it what you want – I probably wouldn’t hear you. And there’s a clue.
Think I’m going deaf in one ear (the left).
I’ve had niggling suspicions for a while now that not all is well with the old lug – it just isn’t right. Over the past year or so I’ve found myself a few times down on my hands and knees checking the left speaker of my hi-fi as I thought it was broken. Likewise I’ve often thought that my headphones are duff, or that the balance on my mp3 player is wrong…… It’s none of these things – it’s my ear.
The one that always got me bothered was the opening to the Andy Sheppard Big Band number “Carla, Carla, Carla, Carla”… it used to start with a nice soft, gentle percussive bit, where a string of chimes rang out and gently danced between the left speaker and the right – not any more they don’t!!
To make matters worse I’ve been increasingly bothered with a sort of constant hissing, white noise type “background noise” in the offending lug.
The doc’ tried to explain this to me in terms made easy for the hard-of-understanding. Apparently, I think, when the lug malfunctions the brain “compensates” for this lack of noise by making up it’s own “sounds”. Jeeze – couldn’t it pick something a bit better than “hisssssssssss………….”. How about the brain filling in with a wee bit of Ella, or Stan Getz? Christ, I’d even settle for a bit of Jamie Cullum – and I can’t stand him!
Got a letter from the hospital – I’m on an 18 week waiting list. Hoorah. Though by the time Messer’s Cameron and Osborne are finished there might not be much in the line of health care left when I get to the front of the queue.

Cant believe I shelled out money on the old Brennan JB7 the other month – could have got by with an old wind up mono gramophone!

Still. On the plus side – it isn’t affecting my running – and I only have to listen to half the shit in the office (memo to self: keep civil servants on the left hand side).
I might even start putting the phone to my left ear when I answer .... "Ooh... there appears to be no one there - I may as well hang up!"

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Yak Hunter said...

Read your latest post and then this one. Bloody harsh! Even sorrier.