Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Ended up doing about 18 miles yesterday. Usual wee lunchtime jaunt up by the majestic Clyde while through in the DGP, then out for a bit of an off road "yomp" with the club last night that was just over 11 miles.
Started off by heading through John Muir Country Park, but then we headed up the North Berwick road and took the turn off that leads down past the back of Tyninghame House onto Tyninghame beach.
From there it was a beach run that took us over mussel beds, through mud and also had us cross the river Tyne! Not as deep as it could have been, but the water was up to waist level.

Strange though that the only thing that worried me was falling in and getting my new toy wet (the Garmin). Which I didn't as you can see from the map above. The run was taken at a nice steady pace, which suited me well as my run at lunchtime had been a quick one. Even so, the terrain meant that I felt I was working quite hard for a lot of the time.
Anyway. By the time we got back to Hallhill my shorts were dry, but my shoes were sopping wet and manky with cloying mud and sand.
Don't know if anyone else does this, but the first thing I did when we got into the changing room was give them a dam good rinse under the tap. Obviously they are still soaking wet after this, but at least its clean, non-salty water. I read somewhere that this is supposed to keep the uppers in better condition. That said, given that I'm lucky if I get 4 months out of a pair of shoes I don't suppose it matters too much.
Maybe keep them smelling a bit nicer though. Which is, strangely, a bit of a shame.... I always find that if you open your kit bag slightly on a busy, hot train, to allow your kit to "breath" there's a much better chance of getting a seat to yourself!!

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