Friday, 16 July 2010


Found myself, again, with time to cool my heels between trains last night. So, lovely as the Waverly station is during holiday periods when it is even busier than usual, I decided to go a wee walk.

Didn’t have long so I just went up the steps to Cockburn Street and Avalanche records. Shocked to see a large “To Let” sign stuck up outside and visible signs that the stock inside appeared to be dwindling! “Oh christ” I thought another independent record shop closing. Luckily it wasn’t – it’s actually expanding – hurrah! Sadly it’s relocating to another part of the toon – the Grass Market I think – boo! Good for them that they are not only surviving in these difficult times but bad that they are going to be a bit further away from the station – probably won’t make it any more.
I wouldn’t say I’ve been a great customer to Avalanche over the years, but I have been a fairly regular one. To be fair I’m not really their “target” customer and their jazz section is pretty limited, but I have had a couple of bargains there. However, I really do think people should support small independent record shops where they can. Certainly, my recent experiences of the “market leader” HMV have not been happy ones. They seem to be hell bent on selling anything except music. Even to the stage where the Edinburgh store now has fridges full of juice and racks of sweeties (cos you average teenage “gamer” isn’t fat enough).
Anyway, what might be my last visit to the old Avalanche saw me leave empty handed .
Luckily, things picked up when I went a wee bit down the road into an Oxfam shop. The “New” George Shearing Quintet “That Shearing Sound” for the princely sum of £1.49.
That’s this Friday’s coffee, cake and jazz sorted (well the jazz anyway).
Utterly crap sleeve though!

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