Sunday, 4 July 2010


I believe it was the ancient Greeks who, in times of despair and adversity, were want to say "aw, fuck it"!
And so it is with me. Other than, the sadly seldom broadcast, ladies beach volleyball there is very little sport on the telly that gains my custom.
This summers "sports fest" of the World Cup and Wimbledon have left me like a lethargic owl with laryngitis - both unwilling and unable to give a hoot.
No. The one sport on TV that I care about is on right now.... The Tour De France.
Sadly, since the "great digital re tune" of September 2009 I am now no longer able to get ITV4 (the "host" channel for the tour). As an aside, I am also unable to get the history channel "Yesterday" - so I fear I may never even find out who went on to win the second world war!
This summer I am reduced to following the Tour on the interweb. No real substitute I'm afraid.
Yes. I can watch it live on and yes I can watch tiny little highlights on the web (moving images the size of post-it-notes) but it's a strangely unsatisfying experience.
I regret that I am a bit of a Luddite really. The telly's the proper place for watching telly programmes - not the computer.

I shall try and channel my grief by throwing myself into my own running training with a bit more vigour.

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