Tuesday, 27 July 2010



Don’t dislike cycling – just can’t get into it the same way as I can running.

But at least it gets me out the house for a wee bit (“out to play”). I had hoped last night to get out and tap out 25 miles or so. However, constraints of time (we had to go to Tesco first – always a nightmare) meant it was closer to 18.

The old ribcage felt none too bad, but that may have been due to the two Ibrufen and two paracetamol I’d necked earlier.

Anyway, I’d put on the old HRM and wanted to try and keep the heart up in the higher end of my “green zone”. A fairly easy task when running but I found it really difficult on the bike. Still the entire cycle averaged out at 144 so I didn’t do too bad. Felt quite good when I was out and didn’t feel I was having to push too hard. Until …

Three miles from home I saw a figure ahead of me on a bike. He had a proper bike and proper gear. Unlike me he didn’t look like a reject from a Hovis advert. I decided to add a little “edge” to my cycle session. I decided to try and “reel him in”, so I got into as aerodynamic a position as is possible on old [T]rusty and just tried to lift the cadence a bit.

Worked out quite well as this helped me keep the pace up a bit (I usually tend to ease off and just “coast” the last bit).

Anyway the bloke in front was getting closer and closer (albeit slowly). Then as we got to the junction before the road to the Woodhall/Brunt junction he looked round and clocked me. Well, if he didn’t pick up the pace a bit!! Obviously Mr Lycra on his racing bike didn’t fancy getting caught by “Mr Scruffy Gear” on his battered old iron-frame-bedstead excuse for a bike!

The last mile and a half got quite ludicrous. He kept looking over his shoulder … I kept trying to pick it up. And the gap just kept coming down … slowly. Too slowly.

Just got the junction. Nearly caught him…and we had to turn different ways. Managed to catch my breath enough to say “hello” and got a bit of a chuckle in return from him. Pretty sure he could have left me if he wanted. Bit of a laugh though – always nice to add a bit of a competitive edge to training.

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