Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Well that's it. Thankfully.
Summer may not be over, and it may be a few more weeks before you actually see any real difference. But the solstice is over and the nights can start to draw in again.

I know the light nights are an opportunity to get out for longer runs. And I do appreciate that, but there is about a four week "window" that really just sends me nuts. The tail end of June and beginning of July. Hardly any dark at all. I find it really hard to sleep.

It's OK if you don't work I suppose, but trying to get even 6 hours sleep before you have to get up at "mad o'clock" is almost impossible.

Once more "hippy wasters" make out they're being "alternative".
It's always the same, isn't it? There's NEVER a helicopter gunship when you want one! Dole scum.

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