Wednesday, 9 June 2010



Last nights club run was a bit of a hilly one. 8.5 miles in total, with the first half taking us out of Dunbar and up “Starvation Brae” before attacking the south face of Brunt Hill and then starting the relatively fast 4 and a bit miles back to Dunbar via Spott and Wester Broomhouse.

A strange night. It was really misty and wet – it looked more like a November night. But still very warm and muggy.

Strange observation…. Well actually it was Richard who made the observation. We both did exactly the same run. Same route, same paths, same fields. So why, given we took about the same time, did he come back spotless while my legs, arse and even my back were covered in mud and …. Well stuff that coos had left in the field.

Must be the way I run – I think in some way I must “flick” my foot. Dam messy whatever it is!

Still. Just what the doctor ordered after spending a shitty day through in the “Dear Green Place”.

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