Thursday, 3 June 2010



First became aware of Steve Lodder through his collaborations with Andy Sheppard.

Obviously, since then I’ve become aware of a lot of other stuff he’s done, including working with the late George Russell and John Harle.

Got a couple of albums he’s done “under his own name” as well, including one “Above The Clouds” – duets for saxophone and church organ (with Mark Ramsden on sax) that is exceedingly good and has a sort of ECM-European-classical-churchy feel about it. Very atmospheric – an album more for dark winter nights though for some reason.

And different types of music suiting different seasons is an apt subject for the latest album I’ve got, that also features Lodder on piano.

“Songs Of The Year” by Threeway. A trio led by bass player/composer  Ben Crossland and also featuring Steve Waterman on trumpet. 12 tunes that while not exactly linked to calendar months track the changes in the [English] countryside during the year.

As you would expect from tunes dealing with rural settings its all very gentle and peaceful stuff. Sort of “chamber” jazz meets “Springwatch” – but without the cute pictures of baby animals. Very smooth and mellow.

How smooth and mellow? Well this mornings cattle truck through to the D.G.P was not only delayed, overheated and badly ventilated as usual, but was also reduced from the usual six busy carriages to a “cram-‘em-in” three! And I still felt relaxed at the other end.

Now that IS mellow!

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